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Allindia Steelra Welcomes You!

First up we would like to give you all a big, warm ‘Welcome!’ to our temporary website/blog. Since being acquired by another major international iron ore supplier, our entire company has been undergoing some restructuring so that the two corporations can merge and work well together. Soon a new brand will be released – stay tuned!

Since the acquisition, the original Allindria Steelra website had to be taken down whilst the restructuring is being done. This will help avoid any confusion on behalf of our stakeholders and investors. We would like to assure you however, that Allindia Steelra is being positioned so as to make the biggest comeback yet!

During the restructuring phase, ‘Corporate’ agreed to put up a temporary blog of sorts to help keep our website active, and to have informative material for our customers to read. During this phase, which will take approximately 12 months (before the new website is released), we are considering articles submitted by others for inclusion in our blog. So if you feel you have something interesting to offer the Steel, Construction, Supplies, and Logistics industry, please submit them via our contact page. We would love to hear from you!

New articles will be featured on our homepage here, and also in the relevant category in which they are posted. If you are considering submitting some articles, please try to include a relevant image and/or video as well. If you don’t have your own video, feel free to take one from Youtube.

Thank you again for your loyalty in sticking with Allindia Steelra during this transitional period. We truly appreciate your support during this time.

Tips For Floor Sanding

Many people have no idea when it comes to caring for wood floors. They often move into their new home, look around, see some flooring that has a nick or scratches, and decide to replace it. Honestly, having the old 100-year-old floors and keeping them is probably more valuable than dumping them for some new engineered flooring or laminate.

Flooring restoration brings your old floors back into new condition. It restores their lustre, life, and, shows off the beauty of the natural grain. Before you chuck your old floors, a.) look at the price tag to buy your same floors you have now in today’s market, and then b.) get over the sticker shock.

Even if you think you are getting a good deal by calling the company with the cutesy commercial on television, think again. It is still tossing perfectly wonderful flooring that matches your home’s backdrop.

The price is right where restoration is involved. Floor sanding alone will make a difference. Add in floor polishing and you are getting closer to the goal. Thanks to customfloor.com.au for their great website which gave us the basis to write this content. If you are determined to stick with DIY, then make sure you check out the governement website regarding technical procedures

Floor Sanding And Polishing
If you have timber flooring, definitely consider getting those old floors refinished. The floor care company will be able to assess for you whether they can restore or if you have to buy new. If you start with a flooring contractor, they will have an idea of what amount of restoration can be done, but are probably more interested in selling you flooring and booking an installation job than restoration. The reason is simple. The installation yields them more money.

Timber flooring can look very rough, but restoration illuminates the striking features, grain, and the contrast between the newly brightened floor and the grain. Look for a company that cares about your floors as much as you do. Find out about the flooring restoration company’s process. Quality restoration does take time and tender loving care toward the floors.

Old and worn floors are do not have to be tossed. Especially older floors take well to being refurbished into a new, polished timber floor. Add a new top coat that will refresh and renew your floors. The difference can be quite dramatic, almost as if you have gotten new floors.

When family and friends come over they will take notice and want to know when you got new floors. You can keep it your little secret or brag on your natural wood floors that took so beautifully to being restored.

They do not need to know that you got them resurfaced for a fraction of the cost to buy new. The whole process will involve time, patience, and probably taking up residence in different parts of the house during the restoration. While you are out they will move the furniture, cover it, fully strip back the old stain from the floors, sand them down to the raw wood, and then get to work to refurbish, stain and seal them. Enjoy the new look.</p

The Logistics of Timber Flooring – Australia Imports

Australia, one of the biggest consumers of timber flooring has been importing timber from India, China, and South East Asia for years. The implications of this is significant and we though you’d like to read about it.

What’s driving the demand? Many Australians love timber flooring in their homes – despite the fact that they need to get a floor sanding company to sand and polish the floors every 10 years or so. Most of these are sourced from major directories such as Foursquare. Much of the timber produced in Australia is from pine forest, and not the nicest look for timber flooring. So timber retailers import timber from overseas.

According to a recent article in the Guardian on timber imports, there are still a percentage of imports which are at “high risk of illegality”. In Australia there are similar issues. Where is all the timber really coming from? Are those sources ‘legal’ or are business dealings being made with rouge suppliers?

The good news is that Australia has one of the most strict import and sourcing standards in the world – especially when it comes to timber. This is due to the fact that Australia needs to protect its unique eco system from foreign contaminants.

Once timber is ordered from overseas, it is shipped in containers to an Australian port. At the port, let’s say in Melbourne, there will be customs and quarantine officials there to inspect the manifest and shipment. In many cases, the timber will have to sit in quarantine for a few months or treated to ensure that all insects and bacteria’s have been eliminated.

Since Allindia Steelra specializes in iron ore, we are happy that the laws aren’t so strict when we have to import to Australia!